Riekstukalns is the largest ski resort in the Baltics. During the winter, people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania actively ski and snowboard there! Not only in winter Riekstukalns is busy, but also in summer! Various activities are available in the summer - bungee jumping trampolines, sledding, obstacle course "Kokos Rieksts" and other fun activities for all ages!

In the spring, from April 8 to 9, Riekstukalna will host possibly Latvia's largest orienteering competition "Riga Cup"! Come and join us!


Horse riding:

Horse farm ''Dārziņi'' (Sia Charlotte): Offers horse riding through the picturesque forest and fields. Horse riding is accompanied by an instructor and after familiarization with safety measures. The horses are calm and well trained, and horse riding is offered for both beginners and experienced riders.

Mini Zoo in Kekava:

Association "Animal Shelter Ķekavas ZOO" - builds homes for those animals that are in trouble (mostly wild animals. ) for example, those that have been thrown out of the circus, or exotic animals that cannot be brought up at home, or animals that have been traumatized and have been brought to the shelter for various reasons. This gives you the opportunity to visit forest and wildlife friends and participate in animal support.

Disc golf Riekstukalns:

Disc golf is an active game that requires precision and good aim to hit the discs in one of the 18 baskets on the forest course. You can play it in Riekstukalns with your own golf discs. The price of the game is 5 € per person for one time. You can pay on the spot in cash or a card.

Minipark - Kekava minigolf:

Minipark - a great place to relax. No prior preparation is required; everyone can play minigolf - both big and small. There are also two petanque courts and a canopy of 18 m2 in the territory of the mini-park.

Naves sala:

From April to September 1916, battles took place here, in which approximately 1,000 soldiers of the Russian army fell during the entire World War I, of which 145 were Latvian archers. The soldiers called this bridgehead Naves sala (Island of Death) because every day one of the defenders of the fortifications fell or was injured there. In 1916, the German army used poison gas on a massive scale here, which was the first poison gas attack on the Riga front.

Kekava Local History Museum:

The museum was founded in 1997, and it is the only museum in Latvia that promotes caricature as an art genre. The permanent exhibition of the Kekava regional history museum "5 stories of the Ķekava district" reveals the life of the Ķekava residents in the 20th century through the war and Soviet times until the restoration of freedom, while the permanent exposition dedicated to the county resident and cartoonist Edgars Ozolins invites both children and adults to get to know Latvian cartoons in an interactive and engaging way - in exhibitions and educational programs.

Daugmale Elementary School Museum:

In the museum, you can find evidence of the time and history ofDaugmale elementary school, Naves sala, collective farm in Daugmale and other interesting facts related to Daugmale.