Course setter statement

To better prepare for upcoming competitions, read the course setter statement about the terrain and courses!

Although the area is close to Riga, it is not the usual Riga area forest. The competition area is located in a forest between Baldone and Daugava. Baldones area is characterized by mixed tree forests with undergrowth. Also, the area chosen for the competition is a typical forest of the Baldone area with varying terrain. Visibility is mostly good, but running is slowed down by the number of fallen trees that have increased rapidly in the area in recent years. The terrain is variable - in some places, it seems that you can develop a good speed, but in some places, the feeling is that there is no forward movement. You need to be able to switch between speeds because often the places where you can run the fastest have the most potential for mistakes.

It should be taken into account that the competition takes place in the spring, so your feet will be wet because the marshes are flooded. In the spring, even the greenest places have rather good visibility, because the leaves have not bloomed yet.

When planning the courses, several versions were created, but unfortunately, not all the best parts of the terrain can be used, because there are several nature conservation places located in the area, which affected the planning of the courses.

A lot of hours have been invested in planning the courses, and the goal was to make every participant satisfied. The terrain is challenging and the courses are planned in such a way that the route choices can be decisive even in the middle distance.

May you find the controls with ease and speed!

See you in Riekstukalna!

/ Fricis Spektors