The Riga orienteering week program includes three exciting orienteering competitions "Magnēts" stages and the Riga Cup competition model event. During the whole week, there is also the possibility to run additional trainings - more information in the "Training opportunities" section. All areas of the Riga orientation week can be reached by public transport. They will take place in Langstini, Bumbukalni, Garkalni, and Baldone.

Orienteering competitions "Magnēts"


April 5 - BUMBUKALNS (WMOC 2019 terrain)

April 6 - GARKALNE

Forest in the near outskirts of Riga, only 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of the capital. As in a classic Latvian Dune – Pine Forest terrain the visibility, runability will be very good. Big terrain forms are quite rare in this terrain, and it is mostly dominated by intensive and regular micro – terrain. This terrain will give you a chance to get used to the intensive micro terrain, that can also be found in some parts of the Riga Cup competition area.

Location: 57.00619, 24.31802

This seaside forest area is quite open and unique in its detailed terrain. Part of the terrain is quite flat and mainly consists of small terrain forms and micro relief. Other parts of the terrain are dominated by very detailed and intensive dune forest. This open pine forest allows for great visibility and even greater runnability. In some parts of the terrain there are openings that have a very sandy base. There is a regular track network in the terrain. The challenging nature of this terrain will test your preparedness for the Riga Cups.

Location: 57.01244, 23.98875

This classic park-like pine forest supports very good runability. The terrain mostly consists of large dune landforms and allows for very good visibility. There are also smaller, more detailed landforms in some places. Mostly open forest with good visibility. Some of the bigger dunes will probably make you think about the more serious hillsides of Riekstukalns ;)

Location: 57.05944, 24.41447

The model event will take place in a very similar area to the Riga Cup. The change in forest type from previous days in Pine dominated forests will give a chance to adapt for the more challenging terrain of Riga cup. Bigger and more distinct landforms, varying runability because of fallen trees and clearings, more limited visibility, quite wet swamps are only some of the things that will distinguish this terrain from the previous events and make it more challenging.

Location: 56.764, 24.38152



At the Riga Orienteering Week “Magnets” competitions everyone will be able to choose from eight different courses. The courses will have different lengths and difficulty levels. 

You don't need to order maps beforehand - arrive at the location and you will be able to choose the most suitable distance for you.

More information - www.magnets.lv