Riga has been a city of inspiration for more than 800 years. It has always attracted travelers, encouraging them to linger, stay or return. As Riga regained its historic status as one of the capitals of Europe, more and more Europeans and citizens from other parts of the world are taking its inspiration.



The Riga Canal Boat:

The Riga Canal Boat is a popular attraction in the center of Riga, where you can enjoy a 1-hour "Riga Panorama Cruise" along the Daugava River. During the trip along the center of the old town, a great view of Old Riga with its towers, the Presidential Palace, the National Library, the Riga Passenger Port and, of course, the TV tower in Zaķusala, as well as other noteworthy sights, is guaranteed.

Riga Motor Museum:

Riga Motor Museum has been delighting visitors with its exposition since 1989. Both then and now, it is the only museum of this profile in Latvia and the largest in the Baltics.

Riga Central Market:

Welcome to Riga Central Market - the most colorful and diverse food trading place in Latvia! A wide range of healthy products, personal treatment and competitive prices await you here.

Old Riga:

Old Riga is a tourist favorite for recreation and entertainment in the historical and geographical center of Riga with narrow, cobbled streets and diverse architecture.

Panorama Riga observation deck:

Climb up to the "Panorama Riga" observation deck and enjoy the moment when you have before your eyes the towers of Riga churches and the third highest television tower in Europe, it is 368.5 meters high. From here you will also see Latvia's most modern building of the 21st century - the National Library of Latvia, which is designed as a palace of light, symbolizing the Latvian people's desire to seek new knowledge.